What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?CISS has solved my situation! I will not argue with my wife!

                                  With CISS you can enrich yourself!

I had a lot of trouble! Do you know why? I, I argued with my wife! Very often! The reason? I dirty, table home office! I used a „Refill Kit” for my printer, Canon Pixma MP 270. Although I protecting my office, it was often dirty.  The ink stains!
However, after several filling, of  the cartridges, they do not work anymore and had to buy new ones. Dirt and spend money unnecessarily. Trouble!
I find I do not know where CISS Advertising. I did not know much! You know? If you do not know, read more about: How does the CISS work? The CISS (also Known As The continuous ink supply system) is compatible with inkjet printers many models of
I bought the system with € 42 „HP920 or HP364 CISS for” Which I adapted and made​​, CISS Canon for my Canon MP 270.

CISS HP systems are also found in Romania. Now they have made ​​significant reductions on all products.

CISS Epson. After I watched the movies on You Tube¹, I changed cartridges, without any expense.
Another consideration:
CISS system cost € 42.
What is CISS system? The price displayed corresponds to the full set of CISS. Approximately 400 ml of ink. 100 ml for each color. The 400 ml ink cartridges is the equivalent of 10 cartridges HP920 and HP920 black cartridge color sets 16.6 (C, M, Y).

¹Here and movies: Part one ciss continuous ink sytem for Canon MP240,MP250,MP260,MP270,MP280,MP330,MP480,MP490, Part two ciss continuous ink sytem for Canon, etc.

CISS solve and environmental problems ! Using CISS system = fewer used cartridges to throw. Using CISS system = fewer printers to throw.

Come and buy you! Veniţi şi voi de cumpăraţi: Alioşa Popovici, Amza Carmen, Bogdan Marinescu, Cati Lupaşcu, Patarnoiu Dana, Fragmentarium, Theodora Marinescu, Ioan Usca, Ionuţ Iancu, Ionuţ Pavel, LUPTA DE CLASĂ, Sibilla Sfinxuita, Stanoiu Constantin, Teodora, Theodora0303, Un virus “bulivardier”


Despre Popateapa

M-am născut, trăiesc, voi muri.Cât mai trăiesc vreau să mai fac ceva pe lumea asta!
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